Office Policy


Please remember that your appointment time is specifically reserved for you.  If you need to cancel, I do ask for a 24 hour notice or a fee will be charged for a missed session.



I am required to keep medical records of all treatment contacts.  You are entitled to receive a copy.  Because there may be information that may be misinterpreted I do ask that we go over the record before it is released.  Copies of neuropsychological reports are yours.  If you need any of the information please ask for a medical release form to authorize release of the record.



Communication is  protected by HIPPA as well as state regulations.  Information can only be released with your written permission.  I can only speak to people who you authorize through written consent.  When a minor turns 18 he/she does have access to the record and can determine who is included in the disclosure of information.



It is understood that phone calls are an essential part of maintaining a relationship, but they should not take the place of face-to-face contact.  Please be aware I do not take phone calls during session times but will return the call as soon as I can and generally by the end of that evening.  Email is also a great way of interfacing and I will reply within a reasonable amount of time.  Please be advised that in the case of an emergency leave a phone message, and either call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

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